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The Boutique


Our Journey

Fifteen years ago, when we started our journey, little did we know that we were making a foray that would lead to becoming textile and surface design experts catering to clients across the world. Today, we are a veritable mélange of cosmopolitan influences. We have our roots in Indian storytelling, and have spread our wings into Arab opulence and Western silhouettes.

We aim to bridge the gap between budding talent and stalwarts of the industry in our humble boutique. With a focus on exclusive collaborations with many designers from around the world, Mrunal’s Boutique houses multiple designers under one roof.  Till date, we have worked with more than 15 designers as well as a team of highly skilled craftsmen who facilitate our seasonal pieces. 

A Boutique With A Soul

We are a multi-designer atelier that focuses on reviving the lost art of handlooms and intricate embroidery. We create bespoke pieces that embody our intrinsic values of sustainability and ethically-produced garments.   

At our core, we want to focus on the ancient embroideries and unparalleled craftsmanship our subcontinent offers. From aari embroidery dating back to the 12th century, to lush Benarasi-weave fabrics and fluid pashminas, there is a historical anthology in every piece we create.

With breezy casuals for the women on-the-go and avant garde pieces for your special occasions, we have a wide array of options from which to choose.Our aesthetic is to imbue garments with detailed embroidery influenced by ancient techniques and designs to create wearable pieces of art for the modern woman.

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