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The Goal


We Support

A project close to the designer and her mission is to promote education for underprivileged children. Through Gift a Smile, we aim to bring long-lasting reforms in any society, education is the key way to do so. It is an education program for underprivileged children which is one of our biggest passion projects. You can support the education of a child in any of our 702 schools in 20 states of India by contributing INR. 15,000 for a year’s education.

Apart from schools and school facilities, they also provide: text books, notebooks, and stationery, school uniforms, school transport, mid-day meals, salaries for school teachers and staff. 

It has long been the designer’s belief that a small gesture goes a long way towards making a big difference.

Donate Here and change a child’s life.

Our Aim

We seek to create a design environment that promotes sustainable fashion and ethically produced garments. The ultimate aim is to support local businesses that engage in handcrafted garments,  while we work to fulfil a balance that enmeshes a healthy work atmosphere, fair wages and no exploitation of labour.

To us, fashioning a garment from scratch is akin to creating art, a story, a legacy. Like your grandmother’s ranihaar, our pieces of clothing are heirlooms locked in a time capsule. We revive ancient techniques of embroideries that tell a tale and adapt to modern silhouettes.  

Similarly, the greatest legacy we can leave for future generations is a livable planet. Saving the planet need not mean only large goals: there are small steps each of us can take to make a big difference. With that idea at the forefront, we upgrade, upcycle, repair and redesign while keeping the current trends in mind.